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Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is a government aid agency of the Republic of Korea (ROK), founded in 1991. KOICA implements Korea's grant and technical cooperation of the ROK, supporting the socio-economic development of many developing countries.

The know-how and experience Korea gained from its transition as one of the poorest countries in the world to becoming one of the major G-20 economics, makes ROK an important development partner of today.

In 2008, KOICA opened her regional office in Abuja, covering Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The office implements various projects in Governance, Education, Vocation, Agriculture, Human Resources, and emergency response. To learn more visit the project page here

The office is currently headed by the Regional/Country director Park Sook Hyun. 

Our Mission
“The realisation of sustainable socio-economic development and enhancement of the quality of life in developing countries and contribution to global issues to harmonize development efforts with those of the international communities"
Project Identification
Demand are high for Korea’s knowledge-based Official Development Assistance (ODA) programs as they serve as a foundation for socio-economic development for partner countries while being the best way to share Korea’s development experiences. Taking into account such demands, KOICA has integrated its technical cooperation project-type program into a single title name “development consultations project” and lunched it into a new brand called DEEP (Development Experience Exchange Partnership) Program.
Fields covered by DEEP included
Education, Agriculture, Health, Social infrastructure, Energy, Public Policy Advice, Development Planning, Forestry and Fisheries, others.
Operation Scheme
Research and in-depth studies are conducted by technical experts and government officials of both countries. Experts are dispatched to the project sites, workshops for related persons are held and trainees from partner countries are invited to Korea to facilitate cooperation.
Steps for project identification
• Identification of needs
A review of development projects and their priorities to identify the specific project or sector to be considered under the development studies.
• Formulating the project work scope
If specific projects or sectors are chosen, the partner countries are required to make a project proposal, including the budget scale, the work scope, etc. in consultation with KOICA office. The request form for the project proposal can also be obtained through KOICA office.
• Conducting Preliminary Survey (By KOICA)
Upon receipt of individual project proposal from partner countries, KOICA investigates the details of the project in relation to a country’s development plan, Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSP) and Korea’s Country Partnership Strategy (CPS).
• Submitting the Project Proposal
Submit the completed project proposal to the Ministry of Budget and National Planning and KOICA office. Once officially submitted, the project proposal will be strictly screened by KOICA HQ for further study on the project appropriateness under the consideration for the DEEP Program


FCT Minister and Korea Ambassador visit Abuja Model School site on final inspection of the school before official hand-over

April 12, 2018


15 nominees procceeds to Seoul, Korea on the 8th e-Gov Invitational Training Program

April 10, 2018


Friends and Families of KOICA Mourns Prof. Kuk Hwan Jeong (Project Manger for e-Gov Capacity Building Program in Nigeria)

March 02, 2018 


KOICA Conducts training for teachers of the Abuja Model School

Jan 01, 2018

Address: Korea Embassy, 9 Ovia Crescent, off Pope John Paul 2 street, Maitama, Abuja.    
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